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SBDC Arizona - 10th Anniversary Veterans Conference

Gwen Howell - Guest Speaker

October 11, 2019

In October 2019, Gwen Howell, Doulos Concrete Inc’s co-founder, was invited to attend as a guest speaker at the annual SBDC Arizona Veterans Conference. 

This landmark, 10th Anniversary Conference, which offers vendors and resources aimed at veterans who want to become entrepreneurs, saw Gwen on stage alongside Marc Moeller, (Co-Founder and VP of Flying Leap Vineyards, Inc.) Sven Olsen (multi-business owner) and Ray Montoya (engineer, retired US Navy).

Doulos Concrete 10th Anniversary Veterans Conference Speaker Gwen Howell

Dan Marries - 13 KOLD

Dan Marries, the event moderator, posted to Facebook:

Photo Credit: Pima Community College

Facebook Credit: Dan Marries